Saturday, January 21, 2012

On Writing . . . I Suppose

I don't know. Been having a rough time with writing. Not the actual writing part. But watching everything change in the publishing world. Not easy. Never has been. But, I guess like Kodak, I am still not comfortable with the digital world. I prefer paperbacks and hardcover novels as opposed to electronic Kindles, and Nooks.

A good friend let me borrow her Nook so I could read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo before the movie came out. She actually had the entire series on there. Didn't mind how long it took me to read them. I kept her Kindle for almost three months and barely read any of the first book. Just couldn't get into it.

Ironically, a few months back, many of my older novels were re-released electronically for Kindle. Including two new novels. Convicted and Pigeon Drop.

I am hard at work on two new novels. One is a zombie horror story, based on my recently published short story, Vaccination. The other is the third installment in the Nicholas Tartaglia series (Tenth House, Third Ring) that I am calling First Fragments.

The goal is to continually write new blogs. Ones that I hope my friends and family, and new followers, will re-post on Facebook, and Twitter, and share with anyone and everyone they can possibly share information with -- which shouldn't be asking too much, now should it?

You all have a great day. I need to get back to writing!

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